Who freshStart work with

The Township

Smutsville is a township on the outskirts of Sedgefield on the Garden Route. As with many townships in South Africa there is huge pressure on housing and services….the majority of people are shack dwellers, do not own their land, have minimal services and their quality of life is often about day to day survival.

Fortunately there is a good primary school. However, no senior school exists in Sedgefield or Smutsville and the availability and cost of secondary schooling in neighbouring towns is prohibitive for most. So many teenagers end up on the streets with few positive possibilities. Without mentors and role models these adolescents struggle for the chance to beat their dire circumstances and to uplift themselves.

Alcohol and drugs present a real temptation, and high levels of teenage pregnancy exacerbate the situation.

Sedgefield has no industry, and as a result employment possibilities are limited, especially for those without senior education. So this creates a vicious circle and results in a collective feeling of hopeless-helplessness.

Many become dependent on grants and hand outs and this can further lower their self-esteem.

Community leaders on the Garden Route are mindful of these issues and they work with and positively support the founders of freshStart to explore and implement ways of doing this and welcome all initiatives that will help create a new generation…..a generation of youth who believe in themselves and are empowered to change their lives for the better.

It is from an acknowledgement of the plight of the children within the Smutsville community that freshStart developed and grew.



The freshStart Vision


The vision is for a new generation that is empowered to achieve their full potential


The main aim of the freshStart Sedgefield is to empower people to make a fresh start in their life.


The focus of freshStart Sedgefield is on the at-risk children and youths (and their mothers) in the greater Sedgefield and Smutsville areas. This focus includes creating projects that involve recycling and upcycling of waste and that develop life skills, practical ability and confidence


The purpose of freshStart Sedgefield is to:-

  • promote general awareness of recycling and upcycling and the benefits to self, family, community and the environment.
  • identify appropriate recycling and upcycling projects, in consultation with community leaders and influencers, the Smutsville Youth Advisor and the Headmaster of Sedgefield Primary School.
  • ensure all projects energise people to help themselves around recycling or upcycling opportunities.
  • appoint project teams for each project which will include members of community to be impacted and to mentor teams to become self sufficient and sustainable.
  • monitor performance of projects  against agreed objectives.
  • raise awareness and coordinate fund raising for all agreed projects.
  • network with local charity organisations to optimise synergies and ensure that there are no inefficient overlaps or gaps in community needs.

The objectives of freshStart Sedgefield are:-

  1. To help people help themselves.
  2. To actively encourage family participation in the Smutsville Recycle Swop Shop, where :-
    1. children are guided to set own goals and achieve them through own efforts in recycling and upcycling.
    2. children exchange recyclable material for mula points and trade these points for new and second hand goods.
    3. children  are nurtured to develop broader life skills – maths, tradingskills, team work, recycling, upcycling.
    4. top performers are motivated to further personal  development with offers to participate in extra energizing programmes including recycling and upcycling, tree/vegetable  planting,  sports development, year end recognition.
  3. To train mothers and young woman to craft using recycled material, making world class ‘upcycled’ products for sale in local markets helping them create their own financial security.
  4. To call to action the general public to participate by  volunteering their time/expertise as well as offering donations of money or used / new goods.

The freshStart Team

freshStart, Sedgefield is a not for profit organisation, registration # NPC 2014/101265/08

In accordance with S.A. regulation, the organisation is governed by a minimum of 3 Directors and an elected Management Committee. All are volunteers, and unpaid.

Our Directors
  • Lorraine Alfreds
  • Anne Dunn
  • Carl Lamprecht
The Management Committee
  • Chair
    • Val Lewis
  • Vice Chair
    • Lida van As
  • Finance Officer
    • Jane Braun
  • Community Liaison
    • Rejoice Gawie
    • Naomi Grootboom
  • SwopShop Manager
    • Schalk  Van As
  • PR & Social Media
    • Irene Wiesinger
Ex Officio
  • Auditor
    • Ad Cole
  • Accountant
    • Ann Munro
Our Founders

Jennifer and Antony Tooley

Thank you for your vision and labour of love birthing this project.

Our Precious Volunteers
  • Annie Ogilvie
  • Christine Van As
  • Denise Raswon
  • Gail Fehrsen
  • Hettie Bruce
  • Irene Wiesinger
  • Jane Andrews
  • Jane Braun
  • Jeanette Van As
  • Keith Lewis
  • Kelly Webb
  • Leticia Van As
  • Lida Van As
  • Lindiwe Nyenge
  • Lynda Storti
  • Lynn Kruger

  • Lynette Menteath
  • Marianne Joubert
  • Marco Storti
  • Martie Rooi
  • Naomi Grootboom
  • Pat Mitchell
  • Rejoice Gawie
  • Robin Menteath
  • Schalk Van As
  • Senovia Windwaai
  • Selina du Plessis
  • Val Ledingham
  • Val Lewis
  • Vanessa Girardi
  • Wian Dekker

All projects facilitated by freshStart, Sedgefield are managed by volunteers. No staff are paid and there are minimal overhead costs.