Mandela Inspired Table


Reach out and touch somebody’s hand and make this world a better place if you can!

“Together as a nation, we have the obligation to put sunshine into the hearts of our little ones. They are our precious possessions. They deserve what happiness life can offer.” 

Nelson Mandela, July 4 1997, hosting a birthday party for underprivileged children.

mi table is an opportunity for you to take action to support the 600 underprivileged children at the freshStart, Sedgefield project.

How does mi table work?

You need to host a “food based” event, where your family and friends can get together, have fun and contribute to making a small difference to the 600 children in the freshStart Sedgefield project.

The type of event is your choice. You may host a formal dinner, a BBQ or be more creative and try something different. The possibilities are endless, but here are some ideas that may inspire you :-

A freshStart “awareness” evening:

Show the FreshStart  “Joy of a freshStart” video Hand out information about freshStart along with drinks, nibble, cheese and wine.

Games Night!

Invite friends around for an evening of games: bridge, poker, 30 Seconds, Trivial Pursuit, whatever you have at hand. Serve a light meal and drinks.

A Country Picnic:

Choose a beautiful spot, pack an innovative picnic basket, plan a treasure hunt.

Childrens’ party:

Make cupcakes for Madiba and the freshStart Children. Moms, Dads  and children can have a bake off. Decorate the cupcakes with the smiley face or the freshStart logo. Deliver the cakes to a shelter, or seniors home, or children’ home or auction them off to friends, family, neighbours and donate the proceeds to freshStart.

Sunday brunch:

Start a Sunday with a super brunch for friends, play some outdoor games, enjoy some lazy moments of fun and friendship.

African Potjie supper/lunch:

Get out your potjie and cook up a wonderful mix to fill tummies for a bunch of friends, serve with Madiba’s favourite samp and beans and share the recipe.

Seasonal lunch:

Decorate a table with the seasonal theme, serve a light ‘n lovely lunch, to friends and family, relax and enjoy. Give each guest a little posy of seasonal flowers.

A Coffee Morning:

Have your girlfriends around for a lovely morning of good coffee, and an indulgent treat.

Neighbours Dinner de Mouvant:

Get together with 3 or 4 other neighbours, and arrange a meal with a different course in each home, so you move from house to house. Have a donations collection at the final house.

Dinner with friends:

Plan a slap up 3 course dinner for your best friends, be creative, go the extra mile….cook something new and exciting. Charge accordingly!!!!!! Don’t be shy

Wine and Chocolate Pairing:

Get together with wine and chocolate lovers, each bringing a beautiful bottle of wine and matching chocolate, and have a blind tasting to see who knows their cultivars and chocolates!

Watch the Sunset:

Meet friends to share a special sunset with some sparkling wine, and indulgent nibbles!

The possibilities are endless

WHEN do you hold your event?

Traditionally on Mandela Day, July 18

We know this is not always possible, AND every day should be a celebration of Madiba’s legacy. But it may be helpful to set yourself a “completion date”, so how about 67 day target.  ( Approx end of September )

Your mi table DONATIONS:

The purpose of the event is to make a contribution to freshStart, Sedgefield, to help the 600 children who now have a dream.

It will be good to set your own dream as to what you would like to achieve with this event. No doubt the goal will have several facets, and include inspiring others, making people stop and think, and hopefully a financial target of what you would like to achieve.

Although your event will be priceless, our feeling is that it should be priced around the level that a person would expect to pay for an equivalent event if they could buy it out.

There are various options for collecting donations. Remember this money collected is not for you but for 600 freshStart children who are making a difference to the environment and to their lives.

You may find it difficult to ‘ask’ friends to pay for a meal, so as an alternative you can put out a donations box for friends to offer a gift of their choosing.

If you do not want to go the money route then you could ask your guests to make a BOB donation: – Each person to Bring One Ball/ Babe ( a new soccer, rugby, netball, or cricket bat and ball, or a Barbie / baby doll).

Please let us know how you plan to manage your donations so that we can send you the appropriate information

  • Monetary donations can be deposited in the freshStart Bank – we will send you details
  • BOBs can be delivered to various places in Johannesburg; Durban; Cape Town and Sedgefield. We will send you details.

And finally………….

  1. Let us know if you are happy to hold an event or not.
  2. Tell us when and what you plan.
  3. Send us a photo of your event, and more importantly a photo of you, your friends and family having fun


I so look forward to hearing what you choose to do…and remember…..

Rise to the occasion.

Reach out and touch Somebody’s hand

Make this world a better place

If you can

Can we do it? ….yes we can!