The freshStart Vision

A fresh start means
  • An opportunity to start over without prejudice
  • Taking positive steps towards a better future
  • To nurture new possibilities and make them happen

We want to equip the children of Smutsville through simple life lessons of effort, responsibility and reward, to make a fresh start in life. We want to support the community in helping their children to create a better future for themselves; changing an attitude of entitlement to one of empowerment.


Our mission is to help people help themselves.

  • To empower people in Smutsville by creating projects with a common focus on helping people to help themselves and make a fresh start
  • To create a platform for people from all walks of life to volunteer their time, energy, resources and skills
  • To be positive role models, encourage good behaviour and create a safe environment in which the children have fun and may blossom
  • To encourage recycling and care for the environment
  • To promote awareness of our projects and fundraising activities
  • Each initiative will be kept simple, reward effort, and develop self-worth
  • Our initiatives will be sustainable, and complimentary
  • Our projects are managed by unpaid volunteers
  • We don’t give handouts

freshStart Sedgefield is governed by a constitution, a Management Committee and a Board of Directors. Its activities are managed by a dedicated team of unpaid volunteers. Regular meetings and coaching sessions are held for volunteers.

Our Founders

Jennifer and Antony Tooley

Thank you for your vision and labour of love birthing this project.